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We welcome into membership all men, women and children who identify with the history, culture, and fate of the Jewish people.  We also welcome without reservation non-Jewish partners, spouses, and others seeking a humanistic Jewish experience.  You are welcome to learn more about Humanistic Judaism by attending our activities.   Please see the calendar for details.

    When you join Kol Shalom Community for Humanistic Judaism, you also become a member of the national Society for Humanistic Judaism (SHJ), founded by Rabbi Sherwin T. Wine in 1969.  You will receive copies of the SHJ Journal and notices of national programs or conferences, as well as our local mailings and e-lists.  We are a volunteer-operated community and will welcome your input and participation.



Please fill out and submit your membership pledge form even if you will be paying the pledge at a later time.   The pledge form is needed for us to have you on our membership list.

 A hard copy membership form is available here  for downloading and printing.   You can also fill out and submit the pledge from right here on this page, below,  by filling in the form  and clicking "Submit" at the end.  You will be asked what level of pledge you would like to make.  We will then have your form on file and you will be a member!

 Pledge levels are based on single or family membership and range from the basic "Sustainer" level which allows continuance of current services, to the "Builder" level which allows us to expand or build current services, to the "Pillar" level which helps ensure the long term viability of Kol Shalom.  2018 - 2019 suggested amounts for each of these levels are:  

Sustainer Single  $430.00
Sustainer Family $710.00
Builder Single $600.00
Builder Family $900.00
Pillar Single $800.00
Pillar Family $1,200
Member in Diaspora $180 (> 100 miles from Portland)

We gratefully appreciate your support and look forward to your joining us in creating the Humanistic Jewish experience in the Portland metro area.

Kol Shalom, CHJ 2019-2020 Membership Enrollment Form

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Please indicate how you would like to pay your pledge:
Pledge levels can be made at the Basic, Sustainer, or Pillar levels. A Basic or Sustainer Pledge allows Kol Shalom's operations to continue at current levels A Builder Pledge allows Kol Shalom to build upon current operations. A Pillar Pledge helps to ensure the long term viability of Kol Shalom. We appreciate your support!
If you would like to pledge an amount between the amounts in the list above, please enter it here:


 Financial Hardship:  If you have indicted financial hardship,  Sue Greenspan, Membership Committee Chair (503-690-0370) will contact your regarding reduced membership payments due  to  financial position.  No one is denied membership due to financial hardship.  

Kol Shalom is a non-profit organization, principally supported by the contributions of members.  Membership donations are fully tax deductible.Established annual dues are recommended guidelines; but no one is excluded from membership because of an inability to meet those guidelines.  We welcome members at whatever best level of support is possible for them, and encourage higher levels of support from those who can do more, to help offset the lower dues necessary for some.

Want to learn more?

 If you would like information about membership, please contact Sue Greenspan, Membership Chair ( or contact our office (, 503-459-4210).  You will be contacted by a member who can answer questions and provide material according to your interests.