Kol Shalom joined this local alliance of congregations, unions and civic organizations shortly after it became a part of the IAF (Industrial Areas Foundation), which was founded by Saul Alinsky in Chicago in the late 1930’s.  


The Alliance: 

  • Works for the common good in areas of health care, education, living-wage jobs, affordable housing and sustainability.
  • Fosters civic involvement and leadership skills at the grassroots levels of member institutions. 


The local alliance represents close to 20,000 households in the Portland metro area.  Through it Kol Shalom has garnered support in our efforts to improve the health care delivery system in the state and to make mental health services universally available.  Members, along with MACG,  have visited our state legislators in support of these and other issues.  State-wide, we study proposals such as an increased minimum wage and available paid sick-leave for workers.   We support other member institutions in their chosen work to generally improve living conditions.  

Some specifics: We work with an organization providing housing and treatment for drug addicts, and with Phoenix Rising Transitions, which fosters promising convicts on release to the community, housing them and supporting their moves toward citizenship, health and employment.

Visit the MACG website to learn more