The Music Makers are looking for singers and instrumentalists  to join us!  Kol Shalom membership is not required.  See below!

Our commitment is to create beautiful music. We sing English, Hebrew and Yiddish melodies, some traditional, others contemporary, which have been or can be adapted to humanistic language. We have chosen songs, first and foremost for beauty of melody and harmony and for the ineffable feelings of Jewish connection. We are fortunate to have several very talented musicians who accompany our songs and enhance the richness of our harmonies.

We seek to make sure that singing is a communal experience, so many of our songs are easy to learn, we sing them repeatedly on diverse occasions, we provide transliterations of the Hebrew and Yiddish and English translations as well, and we encourage and cajole people into joining in the singing. We believe that communal participation is the essence of a spiritual experience.

The Kol Shalom Music Makers invite both Kol Shalom members and non-members to join us.  There is no charge.  If you can sing or are an instrumentalist and are interested in learning some modern and traditional Jewish music feel free to meet us at one of our practices (see calendar).  You don't need to read music, don't need to be Jewish, and don't need to worry about an audition.  Find out if you like our "folk-choral" style. If you decide to become a member of the Music Makers we'll expect to see you at the majority of the monthly practices.  You may become interested in performing with us at events.  Come and meet us.  We'll enjoy meeting you!

Music Makers of Kol Shalom has produced a CD of our songs. CDs are available at our major holiday events.  Listen to a sample.

Our commitment is to create beautiful music.