Book Club


The book club is your place to discuss interesting books.  The club meets at members' homes monthly.

If you like to read and discuss what you've read this is the place for you!


Dinner Group


Friday Film Night

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Kol Shalom has its own Jewish Film Festival on the second Friday of every month.  We present films with Jewish themes made in the U.S. or other countries and films made in Israel. Our goal is to choose films that will lead to interesting conversations, sometimes controversial. We have shown films like “Dancing in Jaffa,” a documentary about a dance teacher and his Jewish-Arab integrated children’s dance classes, “Fill the Void,” an unconventional look at the ultra-Orthodox culture of gender roles, arranged marriage, and with strong female characters, and “Footnote,” about a Talmud professor at Hebrew University and a “competitor,” his middle-aged son who pit their egos against each other.